Ten Key Skills for Effective Communication

By which criteria or benchmarks can the effectiveness of successful global communicators be measured? I have devised the following ten skills as a way to assess proficiency and identify the need for training or coaching to raise abilities.

1. To speak without hesitation ためらいなく話す

2. To express ideas clearly, completely and concisely アイデアを明確に完全に簡潔に示す

3. To influence and inspire others 他者に影響と刺激を与える

4. To use the correct level of politeness 適切な礼儀を弁える

5. To seek understanding through questioning 質問を通して理解を深める

6. To use effective delivery skills 効果的なデリバリースキルを使う

7. To recognize and apply behaviors of diverse cultures 異文化を理解し実践する

8. To speak dynamically 力強く話す

9. To communicate with authority and leadership 権威とリーダーシップを兼ね備えたコミュニケーションをとる

10. To organize information logically 情報を論理的に組み立てる