Teacher Competencies

All education organizations need to determine what skills, knowledge and attitudes they value in their teachers and also the prioritization of these competencies. This will form the basis of decisions for hiring, performance assessments and teacher professional development programs to guide teachers from being competent to being superstars.

Here are some examples that I have used for business English teachers in Japan. Though all competencies are important and inter-connected, the most valued competency for me has often been "Adaptability" because the "best" teacher was the one that could teach students of all levels, all ages, all needs and all contexts.

1. Communication Skills: Exemplary communication skills for speaking and writing for professional business purposes.

2. Experience: Combines a business background in a global setting with a practical knowledge of teaching methodologies.

3. Discipline and punctuality: Able to self-manage for time and organizational requirements.

4. Ethics: Able to follow a code of conduct and to inspire others to work and act in an honest and professional manner.

5. Adaptability/decisiveness: Able to adapt and perform in a variety of teaching settings.

6. Self-Motivation: Always seeking for improved personal development.

7. Empathy: Being able to view the learning & development process from the student and client perspective.