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English for
Global Communication

Alterra Education


Alterra Education provides learning and support programs throughout Japan for individuals, corporations and academic organizations. We offer a range of education services aligned with the values of your organization to support your human resource operations.

Our solutions include:

Global Communication Skills Training

Our flagship training courses feature a carefully designed balance of input (language instruction, evidence-based guidance, performance feedback) and output (practice activities, simulations, task-based learning) so that participants gain language and skills that they can immediately apply to their actual working situations.

Our customized programs include:

Global Communication Skills Training

Business English Proficiency Courses

We provide English language improvement courses for groups and individuals, taught by experienced and certified teachers. Our programs are fully customized according to the requested schedule, duration, language level and development goals.

  • Business and General English for adults.

  • English for Specific Industries, Professions, and Purposes.

  • Exam Preparation.

Executive Coaching

Our customized 1:1 executive coaching and consulting programs are specifically designed to reach clearly defined goals based on each participant’s unique opportunity for growth.

  • Situational communication coaching

  • Leadership and high-potential coaching

  • Cultural competence and country-specific pre-departure coaching


SpeakerMinds Expert Agency
(Japanese / English)

We specialize in providing experts, performers, thought leaders, motivators and trainers for online and on-site company events & conferences.

  • Keynote speakers for events

  • Experts and thought leaders for panel discussions

  • Employee Workshops (e.g. Teambuilding, Resilience, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Wellness)



Alterra has developed and licensed assessment tools to assist measurement and benchmarking of English language and intercultural competencies so that our clients can make better decisions for training, recruitment, and overseas work assignments.

  • ES-Score for English diagnostic, placement and achievement measurement

  • English assessments by Oxford, Pearson and Cambridge Assessment English

  • Global competency mapping

Adult Education Course

We can advise and arrange for overseas study opportunities such as English language programs in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines as well as executive training courses at major Universities.

  • Intensive study abroad programs of 4-12 weeks

  • Executive MBA and leadership programs at prestigious universities

  • Global internships and home-stay experiences

Study Abroad

Contact Alterra

  • Learn about our programs and teaching methods

  • Get a personalized plan that fits the needs of your organization

  • Find out how we benchmark abilities and measure improvement

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