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 English for Business Communication: Basic

Who is it for?

There is a problem with the way English is taught in Japan. The goal is to pass tests and there is little opportunity to use the language as a tool of communication. This course focuses on improving real business communication using the most useful and functional English expressions such as making suggestions, giving opinions, agreeing, and asking questions.

This course is for anyone that uses English for business communication in meetings or
discussions, either online or face-to-face or both. It is appropriate for students at all levels
and all contexts.

Learning Outcomes

Expanded knowledge of functional English expressions

Improved speed and accuracy of English interactions

Increased confidence when communicating in English

Course Contents

  • Making a great first impression: greetings and social interactions.
  • Questioning, confirming, and clarifying.
  • Opinions: giving, asking for, agreeing, disagreeing.
  • Managing interactions: interruptions, changing topic, and resuming.
  • Proposals, requests, and suggestions.
  • Client-specific customized task-based learning project.

This course can be customized based on:

  1. English proficiency level of participants.

  2. Industry, department or occupation specifications.

  3. Specific client requests.

Recommended duration:

16 Hours

Recommended class size: 

1-8 participants

Language of delivery:

English / Japanese / Combined

Delivery options:

Online or face-to-face

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