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English for Business Communication: Advanced

Who is it for?

Disagreeing, complaining, apologizing, and refusing are all examples of difficult conversations that include conflict and emotion. This course provides useful and functional expressions for business professionals that are participating in or leading complex and critical business situations

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced (B2-C1) users of English that are
currently or expect to be engaged in critical business situations such as negotiations,
performance reviews of subordinates, or giving critical feedback.

Learning Outcomes

Expanded knowledge of advanced functional English expressions

Improved speed and accuracy of English interactions

Increased confidence when communicating in English during critical situations

Course Contents

  • Expressing feelings, likes, and dislikes.
  • Making and responding to strong requests.
  • Criticizing.
  • Useful expressions for negotiating.
  • Persuading.
  • Complaining and apologizing.

This course can be customized based on:

  1. English proficiency level of participants.

  2. Industry, department or occupation specifications.

  3. Specific client requests.

Recommended duration:

16 Hours

Recommended class size: 

1-8 participants

Language of delivery:

English / Japanese / Combined

Delivery options:

Online or face-to-face

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