Global Mindset Training

Who is it for?

What is a global mindset? Global mindset is the ability to understand and use a combination of language, communication skills and cultural know-how to develop effective communication and trusting relationships with colleagues, customers and partners fromdifferent cultures and contexts. Participants of this workshop will examine key cultural tendencies and learn fundamental strategies to be effective global communicators.

This course is for anyone that is involved in global projects that needs to develop cross-
cultural skills, knowledge and perspectives required to succeed in the global workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Improved interactivity and logical structuring of speech

Increased ability to recognize and adapt to differing communication styles

Better relationships with global counterparts

Course Contents

  • Key cultural values: clarity vs. harmony
  • Interactivity: quick response
  • Listening actively and seeking clarification
  • Levels of directness
  • Expressing logical opinions
  • Difficult conversations: what to say and how to say

This course can be customized based on:

  1. English proficiency level of participants.

  2. Industry, department or occupation specifications

  • Recommended duration: 8 - 16 Hours

  • Recommended class size: 4-12 participants

  • Language of delivery: English / Japanese / Combined

  • Delivery options: Online or face-to-face