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Global Communication Skills Training

Our flagship training seminars feature a carefully designed balance of input (language instruction, evidence-based guidance, performance feedback) and output (practice activities,simulations, task-based learning) so that participants gain language and skills that they can immediately apply to their actual working situations.

Our training programs include:

  • Global Mindset

  • English for Business Communication: Basic

  • English for Business Communication: Advanced

  • Presentations for a Global Audience

  • Direct x Polite Speaking

  • English for Communication with Indian Speakers of English

  • English for Startups and Entrepreneurs

  • English for CEOs and Executives

  • English for Japanese Teachers of English

Meeting Room Business

What is a global mindset? Global mindset is the ability to understand and use a combination of language, communication skills and cultural know-how to develop effective communicational trusting relationships with colleagues, customers and partners from different cultures and contexts.

This course will examine key cultural tendencies and learn fundamental strategies to be effective global communicators. It is appropriate for students at all levels and all working contexts

There is a problem with the way English is taught in Japan. The goal is to pass tests and thereis little opportunity to use the language as a tool of communication. This course focuses on improving real business communication using the most useful and functional English expressions.

This course is for anyone that uses English for business communication in meetings or discussions, either online or face-to-face. It is appropriate for students at all levels and all working contexts.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Disagreeing, complaining, apologizing, and refusing are all examples of difficult conversations that include conflict and emotion. This course provides useful and functional expressions for business professionals that are participating in or leading complex and critical business situations.

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced (B2-C1) users of English that are currently or expect to be engaged in critical business situations such as negotiations or giving critical feedback.

This program will provide the key language and techniques needed to give effective and engaging presentations to a global audience. Emphasis will be placed on understanding
the needs of the audience and delivering information clearly, concisely and confidently.

Participants will get targeted analysis and feedback on the effectiveness of the language, delivery, design and structure of their presentations. This hands-on and practical workshop is aimed at professionals who need to give English presentations in all business contexts


Correct and accurate English is measured by tests such as TOEIC but how to determine what is
“appropriate” or “polite” English? This course will focus on understanding and using functional language that is appropriate based on the context, relationship, importance, and intent.


This course is designed for anyone that is concerned about the appropriacy and politeness of their
English usage for functional business communication in workplace as well as social situations.

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