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Presentations for a Global Audience

Who is it for?

This program will provide the key language and techniques needed to give effective and engaging presentations to a global audience. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the needs of the audience and delivering information clearly, concisely and confidently. Participants are expected to bring examples of their ongoing work for targeted analysis and feedback on the effectiveness of the language, delivery, design and structure.

This hands-on and practical workshop is aimed at professionals who need to give English
presentations in all business contexts, from reporting on the status of projects to making
a sales pitch to a prospective new customer.

Learning Outcomes

Improved functional English fluency and presentation skills in a relevant context

Individualized feedback based on benchmarked abilities for global effectiveness

Increased confidence when presenting to clients, colleagues, and stakeholders

Course Contents

  • Participant presentations (video-recorded).
  • Audience needs analysis.
  • Presentation structure.
  • Non-verbal communication.
  • Audience engagement.
  • Q&A management.

This course can be customized based on:

  1. English proficiency level of participants.

  2. Industry, department or occupation specifications.

  3. Specific client requests.

Recommended duration:

16 Hours

Recommended class size: 

1-8 participants

Language of delivery:

English / Japanese / Combined

Delivery options:

Online or face-to-face

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