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Direct x Polite Speaking

Who is it for?

Correct and accurate English is measured by tests such as TOEIC but how to determine what is “appropriate”or “polite”English? This course will focus on understanding and using functional language that is appropriate based on the context, relationship, importance,
and intent.

This course is designed for anyone that is concerned about the appropriacy and politeness
of their English usage. This course focuses on expanding the range of expressions used for
functional business communication in workplace as well as social situations.

Learning Outcomes

Improved understanding and use of “register”

Improved functional English fluency in a relevant context

Improved engagement with global counterparts

Course Contents

  • Key cultural values: clarity vs. harmony, high-context vs. low-context.
  • What is “register”?.
  • Levels of formality.
  • Communication contexts.
  • Levels of directness.
  • Difficult conversations: what to say and how to say.

This course can be customized based on:

  1. English proficiency level of participants.

  2. Industry, department or occupation specifications.

  3. Specific client requests.

Recommended duration:

16 Hours

Recommended class size: 

1-8 participants

Language of delivery:

English / Japanese / Combined

Delivery options:

Online or face-to-face

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